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Theology Resources

These are some of the more useful links I've found pertaining to the academic discipline of Christian Theology. If there are others you think should be included, please EMail me the URLs at Thanks! .

This page was last updated 9 June 2005.

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Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
Comprehensive and continually updated.

Religion Online
"Full texts by recognized religious scholars." Topics include Bible, Theology, Theologians, Social Issues, History of Religion, Churches and Society, and others.

Earlham College Library Religion Resources
Maintained by Christine Larson, Reference and Religion Librarian at Earlham's Lilly Library.

Theology Today
Full-text archives of "Theology Today" magazine organized by theme. Links to current issue (abstracts only).

Latin Terms
Dictionary of Latin phrases and terms – things like “Dei gratia” ('by the grace of God'), “a posteriori” ('from what comes after'), “e pluribus unum” ('one out of many'), and “et al.” (et alii or et alia, 'and others'). Festina lente! (“Make haste slowly!”) (Augustus).

Religious Latin Phrases
Click on the links at left for more categories of Latin phrases.

Historical Documents

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Includes online texts of many Christian classics, including an early edition of Barclay's "Apology," as well as Anselm's "Cur Deus Homo" (Why God Became Man), and Thomas a Kempis' "Of the Imitation of Christ."

Creeds of Christendom
What are they, and what do they say? Very comprehensive, historically and denominationally.

Thomas a Kempis - historical context
Tutorial with glossary and lots of pictures on the Church toward the end of Europe's Middle Ages. Includes information about Thomas a Kempis, "The Imitation of Christ" and the Brethren of the Common Life. The latter part of the page is about some of the immediate antecedents of Quakerism.

Luther's 95 Theses
Their 1517 posting in Wittenberg is usually considered the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

The Five Points of Calvinism
TULIP: Total Depravity - Unconditional Election - Limited Atonement - Irresistible Grace - Perseverance of the Saints

Calvin's Commentaries
Theological commentary by an important leader of the Protestant Reformation.

Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Religion"
One of the most important doucments in the history of Christian theology.

"A Brief Survey of Anselm of Canterbury's Cur Deus Homo?"
Paper summarizing Anselm's arguments by theological topic: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Christology; final section is a critique.

The Victorian Web
Very comprehensive, with sections on Victorian era (technically 1837-1901, when Victoria was Queen of England) political and social history, philosophy, religion, science and technology, arts, and much more. The religion section includes specifics about the Quaker context during this period.

Contemporary Documents

"Just What Is 'Postliberal Theology'?"
Article by James M. Gustafson, originally published in Christian Century, 1999.

"Being Postliberal: A Response to James Gustafson"
Article by William C. Placher, originally published in Christian Century, 1999.

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